Star Wars: A Call to Arms

A New Ally?

Sesson 2

Adventure log

Only a couple of days after having managed to offload the droid shipment, Zed left the rest of the group to take care of some personal business. During his absence, Dakka and Bruusen found themselves holding a datapad with the short message

Meet me at Ulwan Uyat, in one standard hour. Tyra

After figuring out that Ulwan Uyat was a bar several levels below, the two set off to find out what this job could be.

After arriving at the bar, they were ushered into a backroom where Tyra and an unknown droid were waiting for them. After explaining that she wanted them to collect a package from a Hutt named Zordo, and after asking for more information from the droid who was named Nextor, the two set out to go find this Hutt and bargain with him. When they finally got an audience with Zordo, and after some negotiation, Zordo offered them a job in which the package would be the reward. He wanted them to plant evidence that the current Imperial Ambassador was a traitor and a rebel spy and thus get him killed by Imperial Intelligence when they investigated. Because the Ambassador was addicted to spice, Zordo gave the pair ten vials of Firestorm spice, in case it came in handy. As they were leaving Bruusen was ambushed by a wookiee who challenged him to an honour fight. Bruusen was soundly defeated in the match that followed. While waiting for him to recover Dakka decided to try a sample of the Firestorm.

After several hours planning and spying Dakka and Bruusen decided to scale the wall surrounding the Imperial Embassy and kill the patrolling guards. After doing this they climbed the embassy itself and tried to blow a hole in one of the windows using a frag grenade. After the explosion failed to clear a point of entry and set of the alarms, they two managed to sneak into the Embassy via an underground tunnel connecting it to the Guard barracks just outside. Climbing the stairs to the third level they were ambushed by a squad of stormtroopers and after a brief fire-fight were taken to the Embassy detention centre. Dakka managed to convince the guard to let them go after giving him one of the vials of Spice.

After they escaped from the detention centre they managed to find their way to the ambassador’s office where they entered under the pretence of having a “special delivery” for him. After entering the office they found him talking to Zed, who was masquerading as a sith archaeologist as the ambassador was collecting a box from a safe in his wall. Dakka gave the spice to him, but had him transfer the money to a Rebel Alliance account, thus causing him to unwittingly commit treason. Just as this happened Zed received a message just before an explosion shock the building and blaster fire started to sound out. Deciding that now was the time to make an escape, the Ambassador led the group down a secret passage which lead straight to the main hanger. However just as they arrived they saw several squads of stormtroopers and a female Intelligence officer waiting for them, realising that he was going to die, the Ambassador used his last chance to activate a prototype Assault Droid and had it attack the stormtroopers. The Officer ordered him to be shot as she turned to deal with this larger threat. After a long and tiring battle in which Zed managed to open the box and found a Lightsaber inside in which he used to some affect. The droid was eventually defeated. But not before all of the stormtroopers had been killed. Quickly grabbing the officer and running for a nearby shuttle, the group managed to escape shortly before the droid exploded taking out most of the support pillars to the building.

As the building collapsed in the distance Zed tied up the officer who he seemed to know from somewhere, and they went to collect their reward from Zordo. After receiving their credits and a package which after opening the realised contained several manuscripts written in some version of Sith. Taking them back to Tyra, there was a minor scuffle over pay between Bruusen and Nextor, which was soon sorted out. Tyra decided to tell them that she was an Alliance special Agent tasked by Commander Skywalker to locate, study and destroyed ancient sith artefacts before Vader or his minions can find them.


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