Star Wars: A Call to Arms

An Imperial Deal

Sesson 1

Adventure log

The Hypernova was fairly empty that night, as it was most nights due to recent imperial crackdown on Teth. However several patrons were still inside drinking and gambling. Among them was an Ubese at a table in the corner, and a Trandoshan and human (who looked too well, dressed for this part of town) located at the bar. When outside a crash was heard, and a group of thugs lead by a Twi’lek entered the bar shooting randomly. Most patrons ducked for cover, while the Trandoshan and human dived for cover behind the counter drawing their weapons, and the Ubese, knocked over his table and drew his blaster. Together they made short work of the small group of thugs, and with only the Twi’lek still standing, the Imperial Military Police stormed the building and demanded that everyone throw down their weapons. As the group did so, they were quickly searched, arrested and taken to the local imperial garrison for detention.

While in their cell, the three introduced themselves, with the Ubese calling himself Dakka, the Trandoshan Bruusen and the human Zed. After sitting in their cell for several hours, a man in casual clothes came and took them to see an Imperial Intelligence officer who called himself Major Colton. Colton was willing to offer them a deal, in exchange for not executing them and 30,000 credits each, they would deliver five sealed shipping crates to Dantooine. With little choice but to accept, the group did so and left for Dantooine aboard Dakka’s ship the Pneumonia.

With the trip taking several days, the group decide to open the crates and see what the officer wanted transported, and why he couldn’t do it by official channels. After spending several hours they managed to open all 5 crates, and inside found a massive stash of clone wars vintage CIS hardware and with the final count coming too, 100 B-1 Battle droids, 45 Commando Droids, 20 Droidekas and 20 STAPs. After discovering all of this, they decide they had better search the ship of tracking devices and other surprises left by the imperials. After finding several tracking devices and a bomb designed to destroy the hyperdrive upon entering the Datooine system. After discovering this they realise that Colton had never intended to pay them and was likely going to kill them after the delivery was complete. After much discussion and planning, the group decides to take the droids to Nar Shaddaa, in hopes of finding a buyer amongst the black market there.

After several more days of travel, and several bribes given, the Pneumonia finally touches down on Nar Shaddaa, Zed and Bruusen go to search for a buyer while Dakka stays behind to watch his ship. after searching for a while, Zed manages to track down a Duro’s named Cad Stazi, who after much bartering, agrees to take most of the droids for 20,000 credits and after deciding that he likes the travellers, he also decides to tell them that the ISB has posted bounties on all their heads.


Controller Controller

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