Star Wars: A Call to Arms

Bestseller-in-Progress Entry 1

Best seller in progress

Entry 1 [datapad 2, encrypted]

“Boom!” How could I have forgotten? It was even rather sporting of her to send me warning beforehand, if only I’d had the wit to see it. How did she know I was in the building in the first place? Not like I’d been planning the trip for weeks. Should’ve texted her back. “Wrong number, ya cold-hearted bitch.” Damn, but she’s beautiful, though. Just like I remember. And for some reason, I’m not entirely surprised to see her working for the Empire. Bet you fifty credits she slept her way there. She always was good at that kind of thing.

What was I thinking, infiltrating the embassy, though? Who’d have thought that I’d – Well. Maybe I shouldn’t put it down in writing, but let’s just say it was a pleasant surprise. And I have a lightsaber now! What a pleasant surprise. Not the only one to come out of this mess, no thanks to the slut-faced ho-bag pig-witch. At least I got to bring down a junk golem; I’m so glad no one noticed! I wonder what the going rate is for catching a Jedi these days? Not that I’m really a Jedi. Don’t they have this reputation for… austerity? Of course, they’d like you to think that. But they had this big honking temple on Coruscant. That can’t be cheap.

That Tyra’s a pretty one though, isn’t she? Looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. There’s a lass I wouldn’t mind getting to know better, if the Trandoshan doesn’t tick her off again. I doubt any good will come of that thing we handed over, though. It’s bad news, I can tell. Here’s hoping she stays unexploded or whatnot. I hope there’s no more combat on our next few jobs. After all, the law says that thou shalt not shoot, stab, strangle or decapitate unless the other bloke really had it coming, and killing really isn’t my style. Unless we’re talking about certain red-headed axe wounds on the legs of my life.


Controller Controller

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