Star Wars: A Call to Arms

Captain's Log Part 1

Captain s log

Entry One
After landing on Nar Shaddaa we immediately went after a fence to get rid of our ‘surplus’ cargo… It went well enough we managed to sell about half of the spares in a single go. Not sure I trust these guys on my ship, sure I bought this ship a few days before I met ‘em but I ain’t got nothing of worth on this ship that they don’t technically own at least partially themselves…

Entry Two
Zed dropped off the radar today. Not that I mind. Found some interesting jobs today, some chick named Tyra wants us to get an item from a Hutt, her droid pointed us in his general direction, think the droid has it out for me though. Got to the Hutt had to go through some formalities like calling him ‘great’ or ‘mighty’ digusting things Hutts. After setting up a deal with the Hutt we were kindly provided with some Firestorm Spice, then Bruusen and I were about to leave and some Wookie came up to us and challenged us to a battle of honour. I nominated Bruusen for it and the dope agreed to it haha! He got his butt handed to him on a silver platter by a furry assed waiter. Only downside was that I had to carry Bruusen back to the ship.

Entry Three:
Bruusen woke up bout midday, bastard is pretty tough I gotta admit. We bought supplies today then headed back to the ship to get it all packed and ready for tomorrow. Bruusen spent the day painting his armour black and I went and tested the ‘product’ that we were going to sell to the Ambassador, no point in trying to sell something you know nothing about right? The effects of the drug were…invigorating… it seems to have no negative effects on me at all… I wonder if it’ll be alright to take another vial… No, no I can’t…. need to hold on to it just in case things go wrong…

Entry Four
Went out to frame the Ambassador today it was…eventful… to say the least. Original plan got blasted when we were caught by storm troopers at the top of the stairs. Managed to use a vial of Spice to get the guard outside the cell to let us go, then we headed up to see the Ambassador, managed to convince him that there was a new supplier for his Spice and so there was a new account to pay towards… I gave him an Alliance bank accout that I picked up the details for the other day. Surprisingly Zed was already in the Ambassador’s office before we even got there not even sure how he’d done that. Got into a fight with a Droid which could burn through the armour of a Trooper scary stuff that thing was, pretty sure I almost died at one point. Got back to the Hutt and got our payment and the box for Tyra, went off to see her and had a little standoff with Bruusen cause he did another stupid thing, when we got out the shuttle we stole from the embassy was flying off with the Imperial officer we had captured piloting the damn thing, no gass outta my tank don’t think we’ll see her again anyway.


Controller Controller

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