Star Wars: A Call to Arms

Holonet free republic


Date 22AE:3:25
Author – White Sword

On Thyferra, the Massive corporations Zaltin and Xucphra are closer than ever before to civil war. Each side is accusing the other of terrorism and other illegal business practices. While Xucphra also claims that Zaltin is supplying the Rebel Alliance with much needed bacta, and that they will stop the ‘traitors by any means necessary. To this aim HFR, has discovered that the Empire is supply the bacta giant with a large amount of small arms and other military equipment. While there have been rumours that Zaltin has tried to get the Rebel Alliance to support them in what looks to be the coming war, both Zaltin and the Alliance deny this.

But in now looks like Civil War will be inevitable and that who ever wins will have complete control on the flow of bacta in the galaxy.

Holonet Free Republic will bring you more updates on this growing crisis as we get them.


Controller Controller

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