Star Wars: A Call to Arms

Imperial holonet news update


Date – 22AE:2:18

Last week an Imperial Strike force Commanded by Lord Vader, ambushed and destroyed a rebel supply convey near the planet of Derra IV filled with stolen imperial weapons and other supplies. The attack lead by the elite 181st Fighter Group, managed to destroy all the rebel transports, as well as several armed rebel corvettes, and several squadrons of X-wing fighters, including what is believed to have been the squadron that participated in the destruction of the Imperial Planetary Ore Extractor two years ago. The battle was a complete victory for the Imperial Forces, with almost all rebels captured or destroyed, and no imperial casualties.

Today Emperor Palpatine personally presided over a ceremony on Imperial Center, where three of the major players in the conflict were promoted. Evir Derricote the Commander of the 181st was promoted to the rank of General and placed in charge of an imperial facility of the world of Borleias. Sooniter Fel, Derricote’s XO was promoted to colonel and given command of the 181st fighter group. And finally Turr Phennir for destroying four armed rebel transports was promoted to the rank of commander.


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