Star Wars: A Call to Arms

Imperial holonet news update


Date – 22AE:2:25

Yesterday, Imperial Ambassador to Hutt Space Nelson Wormley was found dead in the rubble of the Embassy on Nar Shaddaa. It is currently believed by the ISB and Imperial Intelligence Investigation team that the Ambassador was assassinated by rebel terrorists in an attempt to destabilise the relations between the Galactic Empire and Hutt Space. Witness statements have reported seeing several aliens enter the compound several hours before the first explosions were heard.

Grand Vizier Sate Pestage issued a statement on Imperial Centre shortly after it was confirmed that rebels were responsible for the act.
“The Emperor is greatly saddened by these continued acts of violence against loyal Imperial citizens and officers; Ambassador Wormley was a good and selfless man who sought only to improve the lives of imperial citizens everywhere. These continued acts of violence must be stopped if lasting peace is ever to be created. The Emperor has decided to send his right hand; Lord Vader to locate and arrest the terrorists responsible for this heinous act and bring them back for trial, where all their acts can be displayed for the destabilising evil it is.”
IHN can only hope that these rebel terrorists are brought to see the Emperor’s justice soon for these crimes.


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