Star Wars: A Call to Arms

Raiders of the Lost Tomb

Session 3

Adventure log

After a week’s rest, the party found themselves once again hired by Tyra for another job, this time on the outer-rim independent planet known as Plooma. Where they would be tasked to find to find both an ancient sith artefact located deep within the temple, as well as see if they could find any evidence to suggest what happened to the Xeno-Archaeologist who was investigating the site. After the short briefing, Tyra presented a Jawa named Zan who would be accompanying them on this mission.

Returning to their ship, the group leaves and tries to find ways to entertain themselves for the three day journey to Plooma, Zed spends the time, training with both the force and the lightsaber under the tutelage of the spirit of Jedi Master Ulic Qel-Droma while the rest spend the time playing Sabaacc. Arriving at the planet at the same time as an Imperial Fleet was leaving; the group land the ship at the abandoned spaceport on the planet’s surface. There they are met by a young teenager who calls herself Sara.

After chatting with her for a little while, gathering information about the planet. The group tries to salvage an abandoned Y-wing fighter which was nearby. This ended in disaster as the Y-wings astromech selfdestructed the fighter, heavily damaging both the spaceport and the Pneumonia. The group was then forced to explain themselves to the military which came to investigate the explosion. After a short chat with the senior officer in charge of the unit, they left the spaceport and travelled on towards the main city, knowing that the ruins would be nearby.

Arriving at the Ruins, the group discovered Sara being chased by Ploomian Security. Deciding to intervene, they quickly found themselves surrounded in a dark alley as they discovered that Sara was actually a Dark Side Agent. Fighting both her, and another girl (who they would later discover was Sara’s sister). Zed managed to drive them off as he briefly gave into his anger and rage, cutting through Sara’s right arm. The other girl then cloaked and took Sara with her.

After finding a hotel to stay the night at, our heroes continue their mission and infiltrate the ancient ruins. As they explore the ruins, they encounter the ancient spirit of Exar Kun, who offers them a chance of ultimate power. But they refuse and the spirit leaves them to their deaths inside the ruins. Continuing to explore, Zed finds an ancient sith holocron, finally reaching the bottom of the temple, they find an alter on top of which lies the prize they came for a metal box with sith markings on it. Picking up the box however triggers a trap, causing the ceiling to begin to drop. The group rushes for the only exit, a small metal passage.

Following the passage they find a large hanger, in the middle of which lies an ancient Republic warship: the Vigilance. But they find themselves forced to once again deal with the girl from before, after a short battle in which the girl finds herself overmatched, she drops her saber and surrenders. But Bruusen decides to not take any chances and kills her with a shot from his blaster.

Shortly after the death of the girl, the party finds themselves surrounded by stormtroopers. But Zed using the force, manages to convince them that they have the right to be there, and that the Vigilance is legal salvage, ready to be claimed. Boarding the ship they launch only to find the planet has been blockaded by an Imperial Fleet. Activating a weapon they find on the ship, known only as the Omega Project. They managed to heavily damage the nearest imperial warship, creating a hole in the blockade large enough for the Vigilance to make the jump to lightspeed.


Controller Controller

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