Star Wars: A Call to Arms

Signs and Portents

Adventure log

After having escaped from the fleet blockading Plooma, the group decides to head towards Corellia and see what they could possibly get for a ‘slightly used’ frigate. After managing to get past CorSec custom officials they are directed to land at Circle Trading Station, where they should be able to find a used shipyard.

After arriving there and paying the landing fee, they head into the station proper; they managed to find Dursa’s used ship lot. Where Dakka manages to negotiates a fee to sell the Vigilance, and then after looking at what ships he has, Zed negotiates to buy the Black Coin. From here they are told that it will take several hours for the ship to be transferred to a location where they can leave. Deciding that after their last adventure that he needs a drink, Zed leads them towards the nearest bar.

Inside the bar they see a small group of people wearing blood red cloaks, preaching about how the galaxy will end when the sith invade, and only those who worship the sith will be saved. After chatting with them for a little while Dakka decides it would be best to leave them alone, and hope they don’t cause any trouble. At this point the group notices a man seating in the corner, investigating closer Dakka discovers he is holding a detonator and decides that now would be a great time for the party to leave.

Escorting a very drunk Zed out of the bar, they just barely manage to get out before the bar explodes. Due to being the only survivors, the group is escorted by station security to their HQ so that they can be questioned. After talking to them briefly, the investigator decides that they are pretty much useless as far as his investigation is concerned, and is about to let them go when an ImpSec agent walks in and talks control.

After a brief discussion where the agent basically tells them he could have them all shot for varies crimes, he gives them a job to find the rebel cell which did plant the bomb. Heading towards the cantina where the rebel recruitment officer is supposed to be, Zed decides to cut to the chase and using the force rips the information that he requires from his mind. With this information they decide to infiltrate the rebel cell, but before they get far, the ImpSec Agent storms the warehouse with several squads of stormtroopers and kills all the rebels.

Deciding that now would be a great time to leave the station, the party heads towards the Black Coin, and head towards Nar Shaddaa so that they can give Tyra the sith box they discovered. Landing on a spaceport on the smuggler’s moon, they encounter Nextor who demands that they hand over the box to him. When Nextor refuses to let them leave until they do as he asks, the party decides to attack him. After a fairly long combat against the lightsaber wielding droid, the group realises that they can’t win, and flees the battle, however shortly before they can escape; Zed is killed by Nextor saving Dakka’s life. Grapping his body they all board the Black Coin and blast off into space.

After having a short funeral for Dakka at the Alderaan Graveyard, the remaining group decides to head towards Dac, where they might be able to join the Rebel Alliance.

Heading their they are ambushed by pirates, and just when they are about to be overwhelmed an unknown starfighter arrives to help fight the pirates off, until an X-wing squadron can show up and drive them back.

Being escorted back to the Mon Calamari Cruiser Freedom, the group is offered the chance to join the alliance. As well as help them in a mission to the planet of Thyferra. The group is willing to help the alliance, but isn’t yet sure if they want to join the cause.


Controller Controller

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