Dayon Zevren


Male Human Jedi 5
Force Points 7 Destiny Points 1 Dark Side Points 0
Init +3 Senses Perception +5
Defences Ref 17 (flat-footed ), Fort 18, Will 19
Hp 56 Threshold 18
Languages Basic
Ranged Stun Pistol (3d6) Stun only range 20 sq
Melee Saberstaff +9 (2d8 +10)
Base Atk +5, Grp +9
Talents Block, Deflect, Redirect Shot
Feats Weapon Prof (simple, Lightsaber), Rapid Strike, Force Training (x2), Dual Weapon Mastery I, Force Sensitivity, Skill Focus (UTF)
Force Powers Pass the Blade, Vital Transfer, Intercept, Move Object, Cloak, Mind Trick,Force Slam, Force Sheild
Skills Acrobatics +8, Knowledge (Life Science) +7, Use the Force +15
Abilities Str 18, Dex 13, Con 14, Int 11, Wis 16, Cha 16,
Possessions Saberstaff (blue), 8-2A medical Bundle, Syntherope, Binder cuffs x2, Mesh Tape, Holster Hip, All temp Cloak, Breather Mask, Aquata breather, Stun Pistol, Utility Belt, Electro-binoculars, MDS-50 Medscanner


Dayon Zevren was born into a very poor family in the slums of Dearic, the capital city of Talus. When Dayon was but a year old his house was broken into by Acqualish thief named Banda Po, Unfortunately for Banda Dayon’s parents Abigail and Vor’en were woken up by his seemingly unprofessional entrance into their home, when confronted by Vor’en who held in his hand a club, which he had bought to defend his family with as theft was a common occurrence in the slums, Banda pulled out a heavy pistol that he had hidden within his cloths and opened fire…., Vor’en had hardly any time to react or even blink as his lifeless body fell down to the floor with the club landing next to him with a loud “Thud”.

Abigail, Dayon’s mother who heard the gunfire runs into the room where she sees her husband laying on the floor lifeless in a pool of blood, at seeing this Abigail lets out a shriek as his rushes to her husband’s side she begins to weep as she cluchs the lifeless body in her hand at that moment a second shot can be heard echoing from Banda’s gun a moment later Abigail also lay dead next to her husband. Banda who realises that staying within the house any longer would be unfavourable for his escape proceeds to flee from the scene of the crime; alas it was too little to late as a few blocks from the house he is cornered by the authorities. As Dayon had no other living relative the child was put in an orphanage with other unlucky children who shared similar stories.

Although it was called a orphanage it could barely pass as one most of the children were starved and underdressed and smelly the person in charge didn’t give a damn about these kids he was looking out only for himself. The way the orphanage operated was that the older occupants would take care of the younger ones often resorting to petty theft of food and when able to clothing for the others as Dayon grew up he became a pure child, he would protect his friends and stand up to those who would ridicule or bully them always honest no matter the consequences although occasionally would fib to protect his friends and loved ones.
One day when Dayon was 4 years Old one of the elder occupants of the orphanage was caught stealing some food the girl, was cornered by owner of the shop Billy Gates, he was known to be a man that would anger easily and when angered would rage on and on for hours as one would imagine Billy was particularly angry that day and he had finally caught one of the runts that had caused him so much of trouble, and he was gonna have he’s pound of flesh as he approached the girl with a cane in hand to beat her up, Dayon who lay witness to this rushes towards the Elena in an effort to try and stop billy from assaulting the girl not before he ask one of his playmates Vay’nok Din to go call the others for help, on the way over to their he bumps into a hooded figure and falls getting up instantly he begins to run again yelling “sorrrry” to the stranger without looking back, when Dayon reaches Elena the beating had already begun Billy fuelled by his rage was not holding back, Dayon looks around him and picks the biggest rock his tiny hands can pick up throws it with all his strength at Billy who hit by the rock loses his balance and falls to the ground as this happens Dayon runs in front of Elena and screams “STOP HURTING HER!!!”. Billy who is back on his feet has finally lost it his face turns purple as he screams at swings the cane with all his might at the boy, Dayon who sees this happen in front of him closes his eyes…. but the cane never makes contact he slowly opens his eyes, the hooded figure from before holds back the cane with and asks billy to calm down strangely billy does so with little protest this is the first time he has seen billy being pacified so easily the stranger put her hood down revealing herself the most beautiful Twi’lek with just the right color of purple skin and brown eyes Dayon has ever laid eyes stands before him after sorting out the matter of the theft with Bill she turns her attention to Dayon she tells him that he has the ability to manipulate the force and that she can teach him how to do that… to become a Jedi, Dayon agrees to become her student and after he says goodbye to his friends in the orphanage he and his Master Rachi Stira head to a secret Rebellion base in Nashal to begin his training. After many years of training, manily in the skills needed to survive as a Jedi in this era, Dayon was introduced to the Alliance in order to gain further experience and understanding as a Jedi, in commemoration of joining the Alliances fight against the Empire Rachi gifted Dayon with a saberstaff to aid him in his adventures……………..

Dayon Zevren

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