Inquisitor Fabio


An Imperial High Inquisitor, tasked personally by the Emperor himself to hunt down any rumoured Jedi, while Lord Vader dealt with the growing rebellion.

With the resources provided by the Empire, Fabio personally trained a unit of Stormtroopers, to aid him in his task. He and his Jedi hunter Troops, have proved very effective at finding and eliminating Jedi through-out the galaxy.

An Excellent warrior himself, Fabio has lead many assaults on suspect rebel/Jedi bases and has personally killed and captured many Jedi knights and alliance officers. Those he captures are taken to his flagship Revelator, where he tortures and interrogates them for further information for use in his crusade against the remaining Jedi.

No one is known to have escaped the ship alive.

Imperial dungeon ship1
The Revelator leaving a planet after another successful hunt.

Inquisitor Fabio

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