Watch yourself when travelling with him, else you may be one of his targets or your belongings stolen...or maybe both...


Male Jawa Scout 3
FP 6
Init +10, Senses Perception +8, Darkvision
Defences Ref 20 (flat-footed 16), Fort 16, Will 15
Hp 40, Threshold 16
Languages Jawa, Jawa Trade Language, Basic, Huttese
Ranged Heavy Blaster Bistol +6 (3d8 +1)
Ranged Ion Rifle +7 (3d8 +1 Ion)
Ranged Frag Grenade +1 (4d6 2 square burst)
Melee Unarmed +2 (1d3 +1)
Base Atk +2, Grp: +6
Talents Acute Senses, Keen Shot
Feats Weapon Prof (Simple, Pistol, Rifles), Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Grazing Shot
Skills Initiative +10, Knowledge (Tech, Lore) +8, Mechanics +8(reroll use second), Perception +8, Stealth +15, Survival +8
Abilities Str 9, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 14, Cha 11,
Possessions Heavy Blaster Pistol, Ion Rifle, Frag Grenade x5


Born on the sandy world of Tatooine, Zan like any other Jawa’s was passive in nature and that the thrill of the scavenging any scraps for trade or sell would be a dedication of his life. Ultimately this was not to be Zan’s fate; unlike selling his wares as usual as any other day, he was caught between a fight of Imperial stormtroopers against Rebel soldiers. Caught in the barrage of blaster bolts, Zan and the other Jawa’s were hit by the stray bolts. Injured while the others dead or heavily injured, something inside of Zan snapped. No longer the passive Jawa he once was, he rushed across the battlefield picking a dead stormtrooper’s battle rifle and started firing upon the remaining Imperial troopers as the Rebel soldiers lay dead.

As dead bodies lay across the desert sand, only Zan stood remaining as he watched the desert wind cover his dead fellow Jawa’s. The Sandcrawler was no longer there, it had left them during the battle. With nothing but weapons and few scraps, Zan decided to work the Hutts for a living until he found another purpose besides killing Imperial Stormtroopers in vengeance for what had impacted to his life.

Armed with a heavy blaster pistol, frag grenades and a ion rifle, Zan specialises in assassinating his enemies without giving away his position, under other circumstances he uses his ion rifle when combating droids and takes them out in quick succession. And if a single energy bolt doesn’t work there’s always a on the mark frag grenade to do the job.


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