Zedren "Zed" Afiram

A handsome, charming, talented grifter with more morals than he lets on.


Male Human Noble 3/ Jedi 1
Force 6 Destiny 1 Dark Side 2
Init +3, Senses Perception +9
Defences Ref 17 (flat-footed 15), Fort 16, Will 18
Hp 35, Threshold 16
Languages Basic, Huttese, High Galactica, Bocce
Ranged Holdout Blaster +6 (3d4 +2)
Melee Lightsaber +3 (2d8 +2)
Base Atk +3, Grp: +5
Talents Presence, Guardian Spirit, Wealth
Force Powers Force Grip, Move Object, Mind Trick
Feats Weapon Prof (simple, pistol), Linguist, Skill Focus (Persuasion), Force Sensitivity, Force Training
Skills Deception +11, Gather Info +10, Knowledge (Social Sciences, Bureaucracy, Galactic Lore) +9, Perception +9, Persuasion +15, Treat Injury +9, Use Computer +9, UTF +11
Abilities Str 10, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 15, Cha 18,
Possessions Holdout blaster, Lightsaber (Yellow)


Zedren Afiram, looking characteristically natty.Zed understands the three keys to survival in this galaxy: manipulation, careful planning and a silver tongue. After running away from a broken and abusive home on Alderaan at fourteen by stowing away aboard a ship, he was discovered by the crew, yet managed to sweet-talk his way into a job as a cabin boy. For nearly two years, he steadily worked himself into their lives and hearts, becoming a well-liked and highly-trusted member of the crew, at which point he absconded with over thirty thousand credits. This lasted him about a year, at which point he had nothing but a suitcase full of elegant clothes. He used these to slip into classy parties, and his elegant manner, rapier wit and charming ways would have him going home with a rich man or woman, whom he would promptly rob blind. He soon learned that with patience and perseverance, he could get them to like him, trust him – even love him – at which point the windfall was even greater.

This method of operation served him well until he paid court to a glittering young lady by the name of Circe Eumania. They dallied and courted and fell in love, and it hurt Zed deeply to crack her family safe, even causing him to hesitate and consider abandoning the scheme before the safe fell open to reveal a pipe bomb with a minute on the timer and a note that read “BOOM! Love, Circe”. He escaped with nothing more than a suitcase of expensive clothes, an empty box that had once contained corusca gems, and a broken heart. Now knowing the complete and utter soul-crushing agony that is heartbreak and betrayal, he has resolved to not let himself care too much for his targets, preferring to stick to business.

Circe Eumania, femme fatale.

Zed is about twenty years old, and always impeccably groomed. He is dashing, graceful and charming, and looks stylish no matter where he is: a grand ball, a gunfight, a forest or a dump. He is the kind of person who always looks well-dressed; even if he wore a potato sack, it would look like a thousand credit designer potato sack. He has light olive skin, bright blue eyes and black hair. He is about 186 cm tall, weighs about 67 kg, and looks damn good in a suit.
Zed does not like fighting. If possible, he prefers to talk his way out of conflicts, but where that is not possible, he will throw things, fight dirty, hit below the belt, and, if all else fails, bite and scratch. He hates to hurt people, and hates killing them even more; it is sloppy, unprofessional, draws attention, and if he’s completely honest with himself, makes him feel like a bad person. When he is accused of being a criminal or a wicked man, he always defends himself with the fact that he goes to any lengths possible to avoid directly causing the death of another person.

Zed’s skills lie in the arts of making people believe what he wants them to. He is amazingly clever and intensely charismatic; his good looks and glowing presence and fascinating conversation serve to make him a deadly negotiator, but also a brilliant social warrior. He can navigate a party like no one else, making the powerful like him, making the less puissant envious, inspiring a thousand rumours and using them all to his advantage. His name is on every set of lips when it is rumoured he will attend a ball; his names are scrawled on a thousand bathroom walls across every world he has visited; when he pouts, ladies and gentlemen all over the planet try to make him smile, and everyone wants to know who he is and what he’ll wear and who he’s with. He has a dozen names across a dozen planets and is known to scores of rich and lonely socialites by scores of names, and only stays in a place until he has enough to comfortably leave for another wealthy hotspot or until it is no longer safe, leaving strings of broken hearts behind him with promises of another time, another world.

Spending so much time working the arts of deception and artifice, Zed is emotionally repressed, despite his engaging, passionate outward appearance. He is secretly a mass of fears and regrets; he regrets not finishing school, he regrets the choices he made that steered him toward this life, he fears the authorities, he fears that his marks will find him out. Yet despite his secret terrors and sorrows, he enjoys his life. He loves the dance of intrigue and deception, and lives for the moment when all he needs is a word or a look or a touch to crack through a person’s exterior and get them to open up and start liking or trusting or loving him. He lives for the moment when a young man gives in and kisses him, or a young lady coyly asks him to walk her home, the moment of bliss when the universe is spinning on his finger and he thinks: I’m in. However, Zed prefers to hold himself aloof from his marks, manipulating their feelings for him, but preferring to see them as a means to the end: the last time he let himself care for a target, she tried to blow him up. The only thing that truly makes Zed angry is when other people try to manipulate him and his feelings, the same way he does to others.

While he doesnt know it, Zed is also Force sensitive, which is part of the reason he is so good at reading people and pulling off cons – he is able to predict the outcome of a certain action or set of circumstances with astonishing accuracy, and read the intents and feelings of others with remarkable insight. Since childhood, this has resulted in him always knowing the right thing to say.

While Zed is highly intelligent and unnaturally good at calculating probability, chance and risks, he can never resist a dare or a challenge, addicted to the thrill of laying careful, complex plans and seeing them blossom and unfold. To Zed, the payoff is only half the reason he makes plans; the other half is the fun and challenge of seeing them come to fruition. He has the very bad habit of taking a longer, more complex and artful route when a more direct and simple one would suffice.


Zedren Afiram met his death at the hands of a cyborg called Nextor on Nar Shaddaa, leaping to the defence of a fallen comrade and there became one with the Force. The perfect manner of death for a most singular Jedi sprung from a line of Jedi. His spirit has returned from the nether regions of the Force; in death, Zed has found immortality.

Zedren "Zed" Afiram

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