When taken the following benefits are gained for 1d4+1 hours
+1 to Attack roles,
+2 to Perception
+1 to Reflex and Will defence


A highly illegal variation on Glitterstim, Firestorm has only been on the black market for a couple of years. No one knows of the source of it, though almost everyone can guarantee a Hutt is behind the creation and continued manufacture of it. Firestorm is normally sold in sets of 3 vials (each vial contains 15 grams of the spice, which is a single dose for most humanoid species), but can sometimes be found in other amounts. While the prize fluctuates frequently the going rate as of 3ABY is roughly 500 credits per vial.

When taken Firestorm acts as a stimulant, increasing overall awareness and attention for a short period of time. It is also rumoured to improve telepathic powers in someone who is force sensitive, however this has never been proven.

Due to its benefits Firestorm is frequently brought on missions by Alliance SpecForce commandos, for those occasions where the extra attention could save lives. Alliance High Command has mostly turned a blind eye to this, since at the moment the benefits out way any possible side effects.


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