The Pneumonia

YT-1930 Light Freighter


Init +1, Senses crew perception
Defences Ref 14 (13), Fort 28
HP 150, DR 15, SR 15, Threshold 78
Speed fly 12 squares (max velocity 950km/h), fly 3 squares (starship scale)
Grp 40
Abilities Str 46, Dex 12, Con -, Int 12
Skills Initiative +1, Mechanics per crew, Perception per crew, Pilot +1, Use Computer per crew
Crew 2, Passengers 6
Cargo 199 tons, Consumables 120 days, Carried Craft none
Hyperdrive x2 (backup x15)

Weapons (Pilot/Co-pilot)
Medium Laser Cannon
Atk + 4, Dmg (4d10+1)x2

Weapons (Gunner)
Double Laser Cannons
Atk + 3, Dmg (6d10+1)x2

Current Fuel 20 days
Current Consumables 30 days
Current Cargo Crate of droids (25 tons)
Cargo Space Left 174 tons
Amount Owned 117,650 Monthly 4902

*The Pneumonia’s stats were based on Dakka being the pilot and Bruusen the gunner


When this ship was purchased by Dakka it had already seen its Golden Years come and go for that matter it had already seen its Silver Years as well… Currently the ship is in its Bronze Years but Dakka hopes that he will eventually make it into something he can be proud to say he officially owns. The story behind the name ‘Pneumonia’ was something that Dakka recalls almost fondly of but it is a story that he is only willing to tell to people he trusts. So if you haven’t heard his epic tale then you most likely won’t ever hear it and if you do ask him he will probably point a blaster to your skull and pull the trigger. Moral of this story? Don’t ask an Ubese about personal information, they speak when they feel like it.

The Pneumonia

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