Star Wars: A Call to Arms

HFR Update 2

Holonet free republic


Date 22AE:3:25
Author – White Sword

On Thyferra, the Massive corporations Zaltin and Xucphra are closer than ever before to civil war. Each side is accusing the other of terrorism and other illegal business practices. While Xucphra also claims that Zaltin is supplying the Rebel Alliance with much needed bacta, and that they will stop the ‘traitors by any means necessary. To this aim HFR, has discovered that the Empire is supply the bacta giant with a large amount of small arms and other military equipment. While there have been rumours that Zaltin has tried to get the Rebel Alliance to support them in what looks to be the coming war, both Zaltin and the Alliance deny this.

But in now looks like Civil War will be inevitable and that who ever wins will have complete control on the flow of bacta in the galaxy.

Holonet Free Republic will bring you more updates on this growing crisis as we get them.

Signs and Portents

Adventure log

After having escaped from the fleet blockading Plooma, the group decides to head towards Corellia and see what they could possibly get for a ‘slightly used’ frigate. After managing to get past CorSec custom officials they are directed to land at Circle Trading Station, where they should be able to find a used shipyard.

After arriving there and paying the landing fee, they head into the station proper; they managed to find Dursa’s used ship lot. Where Dakka manages to negotiates a fee to sell the Vigilance, and then after looking at what ships he has, Zed negotiates to buy the Black Coin. From here they are told that it will take several hours for the ship to be transferred to a location where they can leave. Deciding that after their last adventure that he needs a drink, Zed leads them towards the nearest bar.

Raiders of the Lost Tomb
Session 3

Adventure log

After a week’s rest, the party found themselves once again hired by Tyra for another job, this time on the outer-rim independent planet known as Plooma. Where they would be tasked to find to find both an ancient sith artefact located deep within the temple, as well as see if they could find any evidence to suggest what happened to the Xeno-Archaeologist who was investigating the site. After the short briefing, Tyra presented a Jawa named Zan who would be accompanying them on this mission.

Returning to their ship, the group leaves and tries to find ways to entertain themselves for the three day journey to Plooma, Zed spends the time, training with both the force and the lightsaber under the tutelage of the spirit of Jedi Master Ulic Qel-Droma while the rest spend the time playing Sabaacc. Arriving at the planet at the same time as an Imperial Fleet was leaving; the group land the ship at the abandoned spaceport on the planet’s surface. There they are met by a young teenager who calls herself Sara.

Captain's Log Part 1

Captain s log

Entry One
After landing on Nar Shaddaa we immediately went after a fence to get rid of our ‘surplus’ cargo… It went well enough we managed to sell about half of the spares in a single go. Not sure I trust these guys on my ship, sure I bought this ship a few days before I met ‘em but I ain’t got nothing of worth on this ship that they don’t technically own at least partially themselves…

Bestseller-in-Progress Entry 1

Best seller in progress

Entry 1 [datapad 2, encrypted]

“Boom!” How could I have forgotten? It was even rather sporting of her to send me warning beforehand, if only I’d had the wit to see it. How did she know I was in the building in the first place? Not like I’d been planning the trip for weeks. Should’ve texted her back. “Wrong number, ya cold-hearted bitch.” Damn, but she’s beautiful, though. Just like I remember. And for some reason, I’m not entirely surprised to see her working for the Empire. Bet you fifty credits she slept her way there. She always was good at that kind of thing.

What was I thinking, infiltrating the embassy, though? Who’d have thought that I’d – Well. Maybe I shouldn’t put it down in writing, but let’s just say it was a pleasant surprise. And I have a lightsaber now! What a pleasant surprise. Not the only one to come out of this mess, no thanks to the slut-faced ho-bag pig-witch. At least I got to bring down a junk golem; I’m so glad no one noticed! I wonder what the going rate is for catching a Jedi these days? Not that I’m really a Jedi. Don’t they have this reputation for… austerity? Of course, they’d like you to think that. But they had this big honking temple on Coruscant. That can’t be cheap.

That Tyra’s a pretty one though, isn’t she? Looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. There’s a lass I wouldn’t mind getting to know better, if the Trandoshan doesn’t tick her off again. I doubt any good will come of that thing we handed over, though. It’s bad news, I can tell. Here’s hoping she stays unexploded or whatnot. I hope there’s no more combat on our next few jobs. After all, the law says that thou shalt not shoot, stab, strangle or decapitate unless the other bloke really had it coming, and killing really isn’t my style. Unless we’re talking about certain red-headed axe wounds on the legs of my life.

IHN Update 2

Imperial holonet news update


Date – 22AE:2:25

Yesterday, Imperial Ambassador to Hutt Space Nelson Wormley was found dead in the rubble of the Embassy on Nar Shaddaa. It is currently believed by the ISB and Imperial Intelligence Investigation team that the Ambassador was assassinated by rebel terrorists in an attempt to destabilise the relations between the Galactic Empire and Hutt Space. Witness statements have reported seeing several aliens enter the compound several hours before the first explosions were heard.

Grand Vizier Sate Pestage issued a statement on Imperial Centre shortly after it was confirmed that rebels were responsible for the act.
“The Emperor is greatly saddened by these continued acts of violence against loyal Imperial citizens and officers; Ambassador Wormley was a good and selfless man who sought only to improve the lives of imperial citizens everywhere. These continued acts of violence must be stopped if lasting peace is ever to be created. The Emperor has decided to send his right hand; Lord Vader to locate and arrest the terrorists responsible for this heinous act and bring them back for trial, where all their acts can be displayed for the destabilising evil it is.”
IHN can only hope that these rebel terrorists are brought to see the Emperor’s justice soon for these crimes.

A New Ally?
Sesson 2

Adventure log

Only a couple of days after having managed to offload the droid shipment, Zed left the rest of the group to take care of some personal business. During his absence, Dakka and Bruusen found themselves holding a datapad with the short message

Meet me at Ulwan Uyat, in one standard hour. Tyra

After figuring out that Ulwan Uyat was a bar several levels below, the two set off to find out what this job could be.

IHN Update 1

Imperial holonet news update


Date – 22AE:2:18

Last week an Imperial Strike force Commanded by Lord Vader, ambushed and destroyed a rebel supply convey near the planet of Derra IV filled with stolen imperial weapons and other supplies. The attack lead by the elite 181st Fighter Group, managed to destroy all the rebel transports, as well as several armed rebel corvettes, and several squadrons of X-wing fighters, including what is believed to have been the squadron that participated in the destruction of the Imperial Planetary Ore Extractor two years ago. The battle was a complete victory for the Imperial Forces, with almost all rebels captured or destroyed, and no imperial casualties.

Today Emperor Palpatine personally presided over a ceremony on Imperial Center, where three of the major players in the conflict were promoted. Evir Derricote the Commander of the 181st was promoted to the rank of General and placed in charge of an imperial facility of the world of Borleias. Sooniter Fel, Derricote’s XO was promoted to colonel and given command of the 181st fighter group. And finally Turr Phennir for destroying four armed rebel transports was promoted to the rank of commander.

An Imperial Deal
Sesson 1

Adventure log

The Hypernova was fairly empty that night, as it was most nights due to recent imperial crackdown on Teth. However several patrons were still inside drinking and gambling. Among them was an Ubese at a table in the corner, and a Trandoshan and human (who looked too well, dressed for this part of town) located at the bar. When outside a crash was heard, and a group of thugs lead by a Twi’lek entered the bar shooting randomly. Most patrons ducked for cover, while the Trandoshan and human dived for cover behind the counter drawing their weapons, and the Ubese, knocked over his table and drew his blaster. Together they made short work of the small group of thugs, and with only the Twi’lek still standing, the Imperial Military Police stormed the building and demanded that everyone throw down their weapons. As the group did so, they were quickly searched, arrested and taken to the local imperial garrison for detention.

While in their cell, the three introduced themselves, with the Ubese calling himself Dakka, the Trandoshan Bruusen and the human Zed. After sitting in their cell for several hours, a man in casual clothes came and took them to see an Imperial Intelligence officer who called himself Major Colton. Colton was willing to offer them a deal, in exchange for not executing them and 30,000 credits each, they would deliver five sealed shipping crates to Dantooine. With little choice but to accept, the group did so and left for Dantooine aboard Dakka’s ship the Pneumonia.

With the trip taking several days, the group decide to open the crates and see what the officer wanted transported, and why he couldn’t do it by official channels. After spending several hours they managed to open all 5 crates, and inside found a massive stash of clone wars vintage CIS hardware and with the final count coming too, 100 B-1 Battle droids, 45 Commando Droids, 20 Droidekas and 20 STAPs. After discovering all of this, they decide they had better search the ship of tracking devices and other surprises left by the imperials. After finding several tracking devices and a bomb designed to destroy the hyperdrive upon entering the Datooine system. After discovering this they realise that Colton had never intended to pay them and was likely going to kill them after the delivery was complete. After much discussion and planning, the group decides to take the droids to Nar Shaddaa, in hopes of finding a buyer amongst the black market there.

After several more days of travel, and several bribes given, the Pneumonia finally touches down on Nar Shaddaa, Zed and Bruusen go to search for a buyer while Dakka stays behind to watch his ship. after searching for a while, Zed manages to track down a Duro’s named Cad Stazi, who after much bartering, agrees to take most of the droids for 20,000 credits and after deciding that he likes the travellers, he also decides to tell them that the ISB has posted bounties on all their heads.


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