A strangely talkative Ubese who would sooner take off his mask and breath normal air than trust you as far as he could throw you.


Male Ubese Scoundrel 4
Force 7 Destiny 1 Dark Side 0
Init +11, Senses Perception +9
Defences Ref 21 (flat-footed 16), Fort 18, Will 17
Hp 37, Threshold 18
Languages Basic, Ubese, Huttese, Jawa Trade Language
Ranged Model 434 +8 (3d8 +1)
Melee Unarmed +3 (1d6 +1)
Base Atk +3, Grp: +7
Talents Spacehound, Fool’s Luck
Feats Weapon Prof (simple, pistol), Point Blank Shot, Skill Focus (Mechanics), Armour Prof (light), Quickdraw, Martial Artist I, Tech Specialist
Skills Deception +10, Initative +11, Mechanics +14, Perception +9, Pilot + 11, Use Computer +9
Abilities Str 10, Dex 19, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 13, Cha 16,
Possessions Enviro suit ( +4 ref, 2 Fort), Model 434 Blaster,


Dakka was born on Ubertica, making him a ‘yrak pootzck’ Ubese in the minds of the ‘true’ Ubese of Uba IV. At the age of twenty-four the village in which Dakka lived was attacked by slave traders, Dakka was one of the unlucky thirty Ubese that were captured that day.

Over the next three years that number would slowly dwindle until only eight were left, this was mainly due to the lack of demand for Ubese slaves as they were very aggressive when purchased in multiples. Dakka was one of the eight that were still trapped on the slave trader’s ship, this had led to him having to rely on the newer non-Ubese slaves for plotting revenge against the slave traders.

Soon after their plan was fully completed the slave trader’s ship was attacked and it was forced to land this made their plan a moot point and the crash landing gave them their revenge while taking the lives of almost all the captured slaves. The remaining slaves then killed the few living slave traders and began fighting amongst themselves for all the money that was left behind by their former captors. Dakka, being trained at least in the way to win a fight unconventionally began to kill the rest of the slaves as there were no other living Ubese slaves left. Taking the money was a simple matter and spending it all too quickly was an even simpler one, he began to wonder on how he was going to continue his life without any money. His decision was based on the most likely scenario surrounding his escape from slavery and that was to become a pirate, he took out a large loan and purchased a run down YT-1930 then on his first trip off-world we find him led into the events found in the adventure log.


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