Character Creation

Character Creation Basics

  • Campaign starts at level 2
  • Abilities are to be rolled with GM final approval
  • All new characters after the start, begin at average party level -1
  • Characters start with 1.5 times their class’s max starting credits

Character History
For those that need guidence in creating your characters history, try answering most or all of the following questions

1) Where was your character raised and how old are they?
Were they raised in the Core on a world like Corellia or on an outer rim planet like Tatooine? Were they raised in total luxury as a noble or in complete poverty on the streets?

2) What made your character turn to the criminal underworld?
Were they forced to by circumstances beyond their control, or did they choose to for the excitement. Is the empire after them for a falsely accused crime or did you actually commit the crime?

3) Do they have any Family, if so how do they feel about them?
Are your parents still alive? Do you have any siblings? Where do they live?

4) What does your character look like?
Physically describe your character, focusing on one or two defining aspects that make them unique. If they belong to a species with little variation, this might mean picking one or two defining mannerisms.

5) What is your trade?
Do they specialise in stealthy approaches or in blowing stuff up? In killing someone with a single shot at impossibly long ranges or in getting in close and killing with a blade or their hands?

6) How does your character feel about the Galactic Empire?
Do you think they are a legitimate government?

7) How does your character feel about the Rebel Alliance?
Do you think they are freedom fighters or simply deluded terrorist?

8a) How does your character feel about the Force?
Is it a good, bad? Do you not know of it, or simply not care? Do you see it as a mystical energy connecting the universe or a hokey religion which is no match for a good blaster at your side?

8b) how does your character feel about the jedi order?
An extension of the last question, do you believe the imperial propaganda about them? Or do you believe they were a force for good in the galaxy?

9) What does your Character love?
Even the most reviled, evil despot has something, somewhere they care about a great deal, and would give of themselves to protect – perhaps even sacrificing their life to protect and care for. This could be a friend, family member, or lover. Perhaps a homeworld, a group of people, or a village that once sheltered you. Maybe you have a soft-spot for kittens.

10) What does your character hate?
Even the most benevolent and well-meaning character has something, somewhere they hate, would go out of their way to harm, or would irrationally distrust. This could be an individual in the character’s past, or a group of people. Even a planet. Perhaps the character has a prejudice against Twi’leks, or has sworn to destroy the bounty hunter clan that destroyed his village as a child.

11) Why is your character willing to work with the rest of the party?
Perhaps you are simply working for the credits, maybe you have nowhere else to go? Are you on the run from something or someone, perhaps you’re wanted by CorSec or even by the Empire? Whatever the reason, you’re willing to help the rest of the party pull jobs and stay alive to make it to the next stop.

Character Creation

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